Core Belief Restructuring is a healing modality that takes it source from looking inward, into a person’s belief system, for the root of issues. Not talk counseling, this work is about locating a specific limiting belief held within a person’s baggage of self-identity. When a person feels cramped and stifled in their ability to move forward, to achieve specific goals, to heal their body or just to expand and grow, they have reached the boundaries of their own belief system.

Beliefs are much like fences, we put them there to protect something. Then as we mature, grow and want more for our lives, we must face the reasons for those fences and move beyond them. You will know when the timing is right, nothing else matters except expanding and getting out from under repeating patterns and repeating relationships.

The challenge is that most of our core beliefs are held non-consciously. We don’t know that they are there, much less what they are. This is where a Core Belief Practitioner can assist. They have been trained in locating something specific within your energy system that guides them to the belief you are already encountering, just perhaps not by name. You, the client, have already done most of the work by doing your own personal growth. By growing, we naturally run into the fences we placed along the way eons ago.

Your conscious mind wants to move forward, your non-conscious mind knows it has a different task until reprogrammed. This is what creates stalemates and eventually depression. Core Belief Restructuring is the reprogramming you are ready for.


Below is the list of Certified Core Belief Restructuring practitioners and a little about what makes them unique as healers.





Julie Hutslar

Founder of the Spiritual Vision Quest program and CBR healing modality


Julie is a renowned artist, author of self-help books, and facilitator of spiritual and creative retreats and workshops. She is also an inspirational speaker and CBR practitioner. She holds a Master's Degree in International Relations and has fused her education with her passion as she brings soulful awareness to relationships and helps others find the lessons in the challenges. She translates spirit symbolism into ordinary understanding and with her mind's eye she sees the Divine within everyone. This unique gift has allowed her to be guided to use this Divine template to help others grow to that destined expression.

Julie works with individuals ready to move through their own limitations, who are consciously on their spiritual journey and who want more from life. She also offers Personal Guidance appointments in addition to, or as a support for, Core Belief Restructuring sessions. As a client moves through the changes induced by CBR and integrates the new higher resonant programming, they often desire support to keep that momentum going. Personal Guidance is then created uniquely for that person and assists them by giving them a task or focus for a month. This greatly aids the whole flowering and ownership of their new esteem. She works with children, those grieving a loss, businesses and couples looking to expand their world from the inside out. She also offers a free monthly e-newsletter to support those on this journey of discovery.

(208) 263-1448
801 Pine St
Sandpoint, ID 83864

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Craig Bivins

We're taught a lot of things when we are young, but get conflicted about what we believe until we have to start making decision ourselves. We’re told one thing, but it’s an unspoken understanding that we ought to follow the money instead of what we love. But there always seems to be something that keeps us from totally immersing our hearts in what we came here to do on this Earth (or so I believed).

Needless to say, I learned things the hard way, changing majors in college, following various career paths, learning mostly what did not nourish my heart until one day, I happened to hear a speaker that changed all that. It did not take a moment’s consideration to know she was speaking my language and was calling to my heart.

Since embracing the CBR work and philosophies I suddenly realized that all those years of searching for my passion was giving me the soil for my own purpose! Ultimately my purpose in life is to help you find yours. And I know it is because it brings me tremendous joy!

Craig Bivins


Cathy Colburn


A native of Texas, I have spent many years in Michigan and now home is Traverse City. Propelled by many of life’s challenges which served to deepen my journey of personal growth, I now use those experiences to assist others. My specialty is locating beliefs that hold you back, healing the emotional pains around physical illness, and helping you find that gentle inner strength that is needed while navigating through life’s transitions whether it is a divorce, empty nesting, a career change or wanting to manifest a miracle in your life.

In 2012, I founded a non-profit organization that focuses on empowering young women in transition. It began with 18 year olds leaving foster care, but now has grown to include women of all stages of transition.

Ready to assist you in believing in yourself, I can be reached at:



Beth Giacomo

Beth has a special knack for helping people release bonds that have blocked them in ways they don't understand and generally aren't even aware of. She is intuitive and adept at creating a safe and comfortable healing environment for her clients. Beth has found that CBR empowers others to find the strength and spiritual connection that we are all born with.

A graduate of Indiana University, Beth brings her many talents and educational training to give this most important, powerful and healing opportunity to those who are seeking their own path in this lifetime.

"I believe that healing can mean a lot of things to people. Many times healing does not mean being cured , it means coming to terms with what is important in each person's life, allowing that person to uniquely grow and change." CBR allows people to find healing and personal growth in the most amazing way I have ever experienced.

Beth Giacomo


Ann Goddard

Love is who we all are…

Ann is not only a Core Belief Restructuring practitioner, she writes and performs music that reflects her beliefs in oneness, love, peace and joy.

Her particular life experiences lend a depth of love and compassion for fellow travelers in this realm we call earth. Her loving energy, sense of joy and greater peace come across in how she relates to others, sharing this knowing through Core Belief Restructuring, and assisting others on a path toward their personal peace.

She studied music theory and vocal performance at the University of Nebraska, Kearney as well as speech and dramatic Arts at Brigham Young University. Her love of music has been a source of great joy throughout her life. Her singing experience includes various school choirs, Nebraska Chorale Arts Society, her former bands: Red Rock Wranglers and Coupe de Ville, as well as solo performances.

She puts her writing skills to use in not only her song lyrics but in peace-related articles for World Peace Gardens. These articles have been published in a monthly St. George, Utah newspaper.

Ann's philosophy is that life should be about joy! It is her great passion to assist others in embracing the love they truly are.

435.668.7041 Cell
St. George, UT 84770


Jody Hill

Jody Hill has been married for 34 years and is a mother of four beautiful children, and grandmother to eleven. A Life Success Coach using Core Belief Restructuring, Jody offers a breath of emotional fresh air for those tired of feeling anxious, depressed, or struggling with physical or emotional pain, challenged, or simply feeling stuck. She highlights your Divine self, uncovering the lies your non-conscious holds, allowing true healing to happen.

Currently, Jody is kickstarting a powerful organization called Positation which begins on the school bus and stays with a child forever and is all about creating positive self-images. Her joy is helping people find what makes them happy with themselves.

Layton, UT 84041


Mary Jones

I bring my own unique signature to my work as a CBR practitioner through my sharp mind, nurturing heart, and teaching acumen. A deep love of spirituality, overwhelming desire to transform, and the practice of yoga also contribute to my skill as a practitioner. Because of my desire to face personal obstacles in a nontraditional way, I have had plenty of practice in identifying unique and deep seated beliefs, bonds, images, and issues that keep us from experiencing our highest, most loving, expression of self.

I see and admire natural beauty, perfection, and radiant light in every person. I know that love is the greatest power all beings possess and so I wish for each person to change their unconscious convictions and blossom, experiencing their unique expression of brilliant radiant light. I offer a venue where challenges become opportunities.

I have discovered my specialty through helping others find peace before passing, by offering support in times of grief, and by opening and connecting hearts. Through this, I create opportunities for forgiveness. My tenacity in helping others locate blocks and uncover places where they feel stuck and unfulfilled allows them to experience more joy and love.

(208) 290-2058
Sandpoint, ID 83864


Terra McDonald

Terra currently lives in Ashland, Oregon, where she practices Core Belief Restructuring, Inquire Method Coaching and as a licensed massage therapist specializing in Craniosacral Therapy. A lover of nature, outdoor recreation, dance and music – these are areas where Terri connects herself with the Earth and the Divine. This comes through in her life as daily practice.

Some of the experiences she attributes to her growth and process of exploring the wisdom that lies within have included Shamanic healing arts, Reiki, Family Constellations, Vipassana meditation, and extensive world travel. Previous experience working with families and youth in camp and wilderness programs, she facilitates team-building activities including ropes courses.

Deeply caring, Terra lives in service to love, acting as a catalyst for others’ growth allowing them to realize their greatest potential in living the expression of their best and highest selves in a safe, compassionate and honest manner. She strives to truly “see” others. A deeply sensitive and passionate person, Terra provides a strong container and practical tools which illuminate areas of your life that are limiting or blocking you from creating your deepest desired manifestations.

Craniosacral therapy is another avenue Terra integrates into her work. With years of experience working physically on the body, she has developed an understanding of the body’s wisdom, and the design of the fascia in stored past memories and trauma. The combination of mind, body, emotion and spirit amplifies inner awareness and thus evolution toward liberation.

(541) 880-3644
927 Bellevue Ave
Ashland, OR 97520


Blissa Nizzoli

Blissa has always had a strong connection to her guidance. Her intuition lead her in 1997 to N. Idaho from N. California where she grew up and was attending college. She knew the moment she first heard of Sandpoint, Idaho that she was destined raise a family in that community. It was in much the same way that Blissa connected with Core Belief Restructuring. Upon her very first introduction, she felt a resonance deep within her soul that was unmistakable… “This is my calling!” Although her guidance has not always offered her the easy road, or the most sensible, she knows that following the truth in her heart always leads her exactly where she is supposed to be.

Blissa is a certified Nia Brown Belt Instructor and finds the awareness she has gained through Nia to be incredibly valuable in her CBR practice. Blissa draws from a life long interest in astrology. Gaining many tools, she has made tremendous shifts on her Shamanic journey through the Inca Medicine Wheel. Her greatest gifts have come to her in the Spiritual Vision Quest and through the teachings of the philosophy of Oneness. Blissa is a natural teacher, she enjoys teaching classes, facilitating workshops and retreats.

Blissa has a very loving and grounded energy, she approaches her work with an open heart, and the eyes of a visionary. Blissa has a way of following a line of energy right into its deep, dark hiding place and gently illuminating the shadows. She brings perspective to her clients, offering safety, acceptance, and an ability to see a bigger picture where we never make a brother wrong. Blissa is uniquely attuned to sensation through her work with Nia and incorporates her somatic intelligence into her teaching, finding a direct relationship with sensation and guidance. As the mother of three amazing children, Nia Instructor, CBR Practioner an active member of her community, Blissa values and lives in the Present Moment as a practice. She knows her purpose includes assisting you to connect to your highest potential!

Sandpoint, ID 83864


Jody Pignolet

By far the best thing I have learned on my path of self discovery and spirituality is that inside each and every one of us is pure awesomeness – a veritable treasure chest of light, talents and gifts!

I love supporting clients in connecting with their unique brand of awesomeness by helping them to:

- Increase their understanding and awareness of personal energy management
- Recognize what makes their hearts sing
- Release images, ideas and beliefs that are not in alignment with who they are

All of this allows clients to experience themselves as their true incredible nature. There is no experience more joyful than that.
I am also a certified instructor of Transformational Hatha Yoga: A practice which uses postures, breath, sound and meditation to cleanse and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit to facilitate a deeper connection with the True Self.

In addition to working with adults, I have a particular fondness and passion for working with teens. I love their energy and raw enthusiasm and feel that this generation, in particular, is full of soulful beings looking for meaning, connection, and authenticity.

Jody Pignolet


Liz Schwinck

Where our wisdom, intuition, and heart merge is cause for great power, tremendous peace, and profound joy. We all want happiness. We all experience suffering. The great news is that there are tools that we can utilize to transform our experiences into jewels of wisdom, love, and forgiveness. We have the opportunity to learn, grow, and love if we only but see the way. I would love to support you along your unique healing and spiritual path.

I can help you let go of and restructure issues regarding
• Abuse
• Unhealthy relationships
• Finding your life’s purpose
• Limiting beliefs that block your creative and unique expression
• Self-esteem
• Challenging emotions
• Grief
• Negative self-talk and thought patterns
• Sabotaging behaviors

I will offer you tools to help you along the path, such as
• Meditation and mindfulness
• Open heart exercises
• Goal Setting
• Art healing exercises
• Practical, psychological, and tricks of the trade
• Energy maintenance and balance

Together we focus on understanding suffering by looking at certain aspects of our personal philosophy, background, and belief systems, that keep us stuck in a dark and confusing place. I am able to hold a space that is both loving and safe; that can assist you out of unhealthy cycles. By utilizing intuitive skills, core belief restructuring, art, philosophy, meditation, heart expansion exercises, and coupled with psychological tools; we begin to see the possibilities and the POWER of our own choice. We begin to see clearly. We begin to see the infinite possibilities of the choices we can make. It is in the clearing of our mind’s limited way of thinking that we create new pathways, which lead to powerful and profound changes to our wellbeing, and relationships. This type of healing work is essential and benefits not only ourselves but ripples out into the world.

Individual Sessions: $80-$150
Payment options are available; pay what you can, depending on your economic circumstances.

Liz Adkinson Schwinck
Access Bars Practitioner
Core Belief Restructuring Practitioner
Human Design Specilist
EFT/Theta Healing

BFA University of Utah--Art, 2009
Spritual Vision Quest--Core Belief Restructuring, 2011
Access Consciousness--Bars Certificate, 2016
Mental Health First Aid--Certificate, 2016
Human Design Level 1--Certificate, 2017

Sandpoint, ID 83864


Joy Stevens

Joy is an extraordinary teacher and coach. She is passionate about partnering with people in creating a purposeful relationship with their bodies and health. As a type 1 diabetic, she carries a personal understanding of the challenges and lifestyle issues many diabetics face today. Her honest and direct approach has given her clients the power to transform their lives through a better understanding of how they view and manage their health. Joy's many years of working with diabetes has taught her that a “one size fits all” approach is not effective in creating the impact necessary for optimum health and emotional wellness.

Her work is not limited to people with diabetes, she has a special passion for diabetes prevention and for those who stand in support of others, whether it be a spouse, family member, loved one or a friend. Diabetes touches everyone. Her work extends to corporations interested in raising diabetes awareness and prevention as well as, support groups and community awareness events. She is an insightful speaker and her programs are designed to focus on creating a life that is filled with intention, self-awareness and optimum health. Her vision is a life free of the burdens of diabetes.

Joy has received certifications as a Transformational Coach (CTC) as well as a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic (NLPP) and Core Belief Restructuring (CBR). She sits on the Board of Directors for “Inspiring Grace” a local charity and volunteers for the Community Assistance League. She enjoys spending time outdoors in her hometown of Sandpoint, Idaho with her dog Scupper.

Sandpoint, ID